Promote your service in the Lisbon Digital Nomad group

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Lisbon Digital Nomads & Expats is the most active Facebook group for digital nomads in Europe.

This highly curated (only 20% of posts are approved) community attracts more and more people coming to Lisbon and many of them decide to stay for years. 

📣 Offer your services and perks

Are digital nomads and expats your target clientele?

Do you want to attract more of them?

If you replied “Yes” to both questions, then you have a chance to offer your services. 

❓ How does it work?

1. Create a promotional post in the FB group 

2. Pay on this page 

3. Your post will be approved in the FB group

📊 Group stats (April 22)

  • Total members: 44,500
  • Gender: 51% Female and 49% Male
  • Posts per month: 182

🌟 Useful hints

  • Your service must relevant to digital nomads
  • The goal is to have a relatively small group of advertisers that can provide useful services and products to nomads
  • Less promotional your post sounds, more people interact with it
  • Pictures and native videos (uploaded directly to Facebook) without a link usually work better (higher reach)
  • Free perks or discounts designed for the community have a better response rate
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Promote your service in the Lisbon Digital Nomad group

1 rating